Tomaso Binga

TOMASO BINGA (Bianca Menna) is the author of visual, sound and performance poetry. In the 70s she took male name as a protest against the inequality that characterised the relationship between men and women. She has participated in numerous solo and collective exhibitions, including the feminist shows curated by Romana Loda: Coazione a mostrare, Magma, Il volto sinistro dell’arte. Along with Verita Monselles she has realised exhibitions and performances: Litanie Lauretane, Poesia Muta, Ti scrivo solo di domenica, Materializzazione del linguaggio (Venice Biennale 1978). Among her recent solo shows are Autoritratto di un matrimonio, and the retrospective at the Federico J. Klemm Foundation in Buenos Aires (2006); Scritture viventi (2013); Zitta tu… non parlare (2014), Carta da parato 40 anni dopo (Galleria Rossana Ciocca 2015). She has directed the cultural association “Lavatoio Contumaciale”, which is involved in poetry, visual arts, literature, music and multimedia. *She was born in 1931 in Salerno, she lives and works in Rome.