Silvia Bigi

urtümliches Bild is the name that Jung gave to the archetypes – the collective primordial images that you can find in a dream. Silvia Bigi’s project stems from the need to relate human unconscious and technology, proposing visual strategies to generate new models of thinking. The series consists of ten small works created by processing night dreams – liminal, residual, latent images by nature – through a machine learning algorithm, trained to translate textual inputs into images.

Using different languages – including photography, installation, sculpture, sound, video, and drawing – Silvia Bigi’s work explores the intersection between collective and private memories. In her most recent works, her research focuses on the deconstruction of the figurative and perspective image, seen as the bearer of a cultural model and system of thought. The dissolution of the image, sometimes brutal, sometimes slow, and inexorable, represents for the artist the urgency to activate a decolonization of the gaze: a small revolution originated by our eyes. Graduated in Visual Arts at the University of Bologna, her works are part of public and private collections. *She was born in Ravenna in 1985, lives and works in Milan.