Betty Bee

BETTY BEE, whose real name is Elisabetta Leonetti, is an artist and a performer. The theatrical representation of herself is the constant in her artistic-existential journey of provocation, play and display of her own body and obsessions. Her work ranges from documentary photography to video art, from installations to drawing and painting. She creates works of great delicacy and expressive power; she stars in extemporaneous performances in public spaces described as a form of political protest. She displays her imposing physicality as a tool to confuse, inspire reflection and get beyond the issue of genders. Creating doubts about her femininity, she often plays on the ambiguity of her physical presence, presenting herself to the audience in the role of a transsexual. She plays with the line between fiction and reality, creating dreamlike settings for addressing profound emotions and discomforts. *She was born in Naples in 1963, where she lives and works.