Mariella Bettineschi

Il primo racconto (e l’ultimo) [The first story (and the last)], 1996-2019, is a collage made by Mariella Bettineschi on a photographic print. The alienating effect is obtained through a computer processing technique of the image of a Meissen cup photographed by the artist in 1996. Only later, in 2019, the image thus obtained is recovered by Bettineschi and rectified with the addition of a pair of false eyelashes: the intervention through the use of an object trouvé marks the last, and final chapter of the story.

Mariella Bettineschi stands out on the international scene for her continuous research into the languages of the feminine, for her ability to recount through painting, sculpture, drawing, collage and new technologies the centrality of women and their infinite capacity to bring the world into being. *She was born in Brescia in 1948, and lives and works in Bergamo.