Letizia Battaglia

LETIZIA BATTAGLIA was one of the first women photojournalists in Italy. From 1974 to 1991 she directed the photography team of the Communist afternoon newspaper “L’ORA” in Palermo and founded the agency “Informazione Fotografica”. Her images depict with the passion of an activist the bloody years of the Sicilian Mafia Wars. In black and white and dense with contrasts, the pictures in her archive are heart-breaking in the perfection of their composition. In addition to the bodies of judges and nameless victims, she continues to tell the stories of her favourite subjects through her lens, girls and young women depicted as the expression of a possible future. Not only a photographer, she is also a director, environmentalist, city and regional advisor in the season of “primavera palermitana”, and publisher of Edizioni della Battaglia. In 1985 she was the first European woman to be awarded the “Eugene Smith Grant for Humanistic Photography”, followed by the “Erich Salomon Award” (2007) and the “Cornell Capa Infinity Award” (2009). *She was born in 1935, she lives and works in Palermo.