Silvia Camporesi

SILVIA CAMPORESI is a video-artist who transforms reality into dreamlike tales through a creative process that leads her into contact and dialogue with suggestions from painting, cinema, mythology and literature. She transforms places and physical landscapes into atmospheres and spaces of artistic and anthropological reflection, exploring each story with a different style. Her projects include: Journey to Armenia (2012) inspired by the travels in Armenia of the Russian writer Osip Mandel’stam; Qualche volta, di notte. Omaggio ad Antonioni (2012), on the allusive narrative style of famous film director Michelangelo Antonioni; Le città del pensiero. Un’indagine metafisica (2016), a work that unites real and ideal photo documentation, taking inspiration from the buildings painted by Giorgio de Chirico; La Terza Venezia (2011), Atlas Italiae (2015), on decline and change in uninhabited towns and abandoned environments and industrial archeologies. *She was born in 1973 in Forlì, where she lives and works.