Monica Carocci

Monica Carocci uses the photographic medium to create images that transfigure reality, placing it in a dimension of indetermination that dematerialises reality. With a tangible approach, the artist intervenes on the black and white negative, applying during development and printing manipulations, abrasions, erasures, colour variations, to obtain a fluid result, never final, which she defines “the projection of my thought, in the darkroom”.

MONICA CAROCCI uses the medium of photography to create images that transform reality by placing it in an indeterminate dimension that dematerialises it. With a material-based approach, the artist works directly on the black and white negative applying manipulations, abrasions, erasures, chromatic variations, to obtain a fluid result, never definitive, which she defines as “the projection of my thoughts, in a camera obscura”. She aims her lens at everyday things, marginal situations, desolate suburban landscapes – L’altranno (2006); Ad una certa ora (2005) – which the framing and toning turn into signs of an existential geography, in sequences of images suspended between sleep and waking. *She was born in 1966 in Rome, she lives and works in Turin.