Gea Casolaro

GEA CASOLARO with her non-conformist, visionary style and works that bring together art and current affairs, she offers new interpretations of reality and of existing images, as in Still Here (2013), photo-cinematographic narrations of the relationship between cinema and everyday life in Paris. In recent years, through projects and residencies, she has explored environmental themes, working on the relationship between natural and urban landscapes and the experiences of the people who inhabit them. This led to Prima che la notte duri per sempre, a documentary filmed in 2016 in the towns of the Basilicata region involved in oil drilling; Vivaio Eternot (2016), a permanent installation in the area where asbestos was produced in Casale Monferrato in which the artist has planted the nursery of the “dove tree”. *She was born in 1965 in Rome, she lives and works between Rome and Paris.