Marinella Senatore

A photographic collage by Marinella Senatore, with a red and gold background. In the gold field some characters including a Chinese majorette cut out from a coloured newspaper announce the advent of the new feminism. The inscription in the red field, also taken from a newspaper, warns that this is only the beginning.

MARINELLA SENATORE is an artist, a director and a filmmaker. An “energy activator” able to devise projects of public participation involving entire communities in the realisation of major collective events. The results take shape through various media: short films, performances, books, installations, photographs, operas and drawings. In 2013 the artist founded “The School of Narrative Dance”, a free and itinerant nomadic school which proposes an educational system aimed at the emancipation of the participants who, through workshops and labs, want to activate self-training processes. Art is transformed into a tool of emancipation of minorities, able to bring to life the revolution of the gaze of the passerby through a different approach of time and public space, aimed at the construction of new social spaces. *She was born in Cava de’ Tirreni in 1977, she lives and works in Rome and London.