Marina Ballo Charmet

MARINA BALLO CHARMET has been creating photography and video series since the 80s, in which – in harmony with her background in philosophy and psychoanalysis and work in child psychotherapy – she explores the relationship with the other, the relation and the perception of the body with the natural, urban and domestic environments. She photographs cities and homes from a peripheral perspective and with a selective focus that amplifies the empty spaces through framing and details, transforming the ordinary and the everyday into an unexpected surprise. Among her works are the cycles: Con la coda dell’occhio (1993-1994); Rumore di fondo (1996-2000); Primo campo (2000-2002), exploring the perception and visual field of new-born babies. Conversazione (1998) is the work that marks her passage from photography to video, followed by Passi leggeri (1999) and Disattenzioni (2000-2003); and Il parco (2006- 2010) a video project about public green areas. *She was born Milan in 1952, where she lives and works.