Isabella Balena

ISABELLA BALENA has been an independent photojournalist since 1991, authoring photo features on war regions including Iraq, Kenya, former Yugoslavia, Sudan, Chiapas and Albania. She has been covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Middle East, working for many NGOs. In addition to photojournalism she has participated in literary and civic engagement projects. She was involved in collaborations with other artists such as: Ci resta il nome (2004) – a narration about World War II memorials in Italy, from Sicily to the Alps – with cellist Mario Brunello and actor Marco Paolini; SISMYCITY about the earthquake in Abruzzo. Among her photo series dealing with health and preventive measures, is A seno nudo (2012), a series of portraits of women who underwent surgery for breast cancer removal. She has received the “Kodak European Young Photographers” award (1992) and the “Photography for Peace and Freedom” Atri City Prize 2003. *She was born in Rimini in 1965, she lives and works in Milan.