Marilisa Cosello

MARILISA COSELLO worked as a photojournalist with major Italian periodicals before deciding to explore a different area. She began an artistic journey using photography that featured an effect of alienation. The iconic elements in her work are deconstruction and the concepts of limit, power and identity. She creates sets and performances exploring the link between inner conscience and community. Her projects include: Matrimonio (2016-2017), where darkness is the central character in a visual story that investigates the complexity of family relationships; Compleanno (2015-2016), a series that stages the diary of five different personalities living inside her – The Bride, The Lover, The Man, The Bourgeois Woman, The Children; Esercizi obbligatori (2017-2018), in which she explores the body and the physical and mental constraints that limit the individual’s freedom in society. *She was born in Salerno in 1978, and currently lives and works in Milan.