Lucia Pescador

Lucia Pescador’s small work recalls the memory of two different intimate moments clearly dear to the author: a hotel room photographed in 1992, and an interior, perhaps the artist’s studio, photographed in 1994. Assembled in 2004, the two small sepia toned photographs seem to be part of a happy life and distant affections.

Lucia Pescador studied at the Brera Academy, and since 1965 she has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions at galleries and museums both in Italy and abroad. She has consistently favoured the expressive form of drawing, in all its forms and variations. From the 90s onwards she started the collection of images Inventario del Novecento con la mano sinistra, an aggregation of drawings and objects in continuous evolution that led her to set up walls with drawings, photos, blackboards and objects called Crocevia. *She was born in Voghera in 1943.