Luana Perilli

Four still images from a video made by the artist for the Berlin project Leopold-O dedicated to the themes of shared language and space, referring in this case to the integration of Syrian refugee children. Through play and the creation of characters with everyday objects (such as plastic spoons) Luana Perilli investigates the relationships between the individual and the collective, nature and culture.

LUANA PERILLI’s research investigates relationships between individual and collectivities, nature and culture, shifting from the field of memory and narratives to science, sociobiology and social implications. Working with asylum seekers in the district of Moabit in Berlin, a neighbourhood known for its diverse migratory community and therefore an exemplary observatory to analyse collective response skills during times of crisis and change with respect to language, she investigated the relationships between art, urban planning and community with particular attention to the creolisation of language, the dialect as an expression of one of the most interesting phenomena of collective intelligence generated by the dialectical tension between the sphere of inheritance (language, education, body, history) and the public sphere (spaces, appropriation, interaction, tension, spontaneity). *Born in Rome in 1981, where he lives and works.