Beatrice Pediconi

Using an 8×10 Polaroid camera, Beatrice Pediconi captures the effect created by oil paint and pigment powder mixed in water. A translation into image of the process of meditation and scientific research. The artist’s skill lies in her ability to combine chemistry and physics to create images that like this one transport us into a mysterious but serene and strangely familiar world.

BEATRICE PEDICONI expresses herself with drawing, performance and photography, in an approach that develops collaborations and linguistic exchanges between poetry, music and science. Water and the phenomena of liquidity are the main elements of her work, in a process featuring a performance act that starts up from an act of painting, the injection of colour onto a surface of water. Every cycle is different in the composition of the pigments injected in the water. Regarding the transformation of forms she has realised the series Corpi Sottili (2006); 9’/Unlimited (2013), large format Polaroids made with the view camera on a fixed tripod during a performance; Alien/Alieno (2016) apparent views of marine landscapes, satellite photos of undefined territories, re-worked by the artist into images, videos and 9 artist’s books. *She was born in Rome in 1972, she lives and works in New York.