Eva Frapiccini

The series Golden Jail | Discovering Subjection was created by Eva Frapiccini during two residency programmes in Cairo and Bahrain, between 2012 and 2014. The intervention on photographic prints, which are rolled up and superimposed on a support, recalls the erasure and camouflage operated by governments to preserve themselves, particularly in two countries hit by the Arab Spring, Bahrain and Egypt, where censorship is fierce.

EVA FRAPICCINI superimposes a fictitious narrative in the background of real events, reflecting on the relationship between power, history and the reliability of sources. With a conceptual and documentary style she analyses the construction, deformation and perception of personal and collective memory, moving among visual languages that range from staged photography to video installations, writing, cinema and performance. Changeable and abstract is her way of interpreting the act of remembering as pure emotional memory. *She was born in Recanati in 1978, she lives and works between Turin and the U.K.