Daniela Comani

DANIELA COMANI’s work focuses on the themes of history, gender identity and social stereotypes, using the same language as a means of communication that acts as an every day interpreter in disseminating these values. Her works include: Soggetti assenti (1995-1997), where the subject disappears, leaving an empty space, and the silhouette becomes the subject of the image. In Un matrimonio felice (2003-2013), the artist interprets the roles of wife and husband. She only uses make-up, mimicry and posture, to make us believe images that immortalise facial expressions, gestures and poses typical of everyday life. Her work reversing masculine and feminine brought about Novità editoriali (2012), in which she works with titles of literary giants – La piccola principessa, Monsieur Bovary, Le sorelle Karamazov, etc. and My Film History (2013), in which she overturns the sexuality of the protagonists of cinema’s most famous masterpieces. *She was born in Bologna in 1965, and has lived and worked in Berlin since 1989.