Cristina Omenetto

CRISTINA OMENETTO has been using her camera as a tool for social investigation and a medium for landscape exploration since the mid-80s. She examines in long projects the problems faced by women and migrant children, with images published in the monographs Donne migranti Eritree a Milano (1986), Donne Filippine in Italia (1993), Donne Arabe in Italia (1993), Bambine e bambini di qui e d’altrove (1998). She has conducted an experimental exploration of landscape, with shooting techniques that add up and superimpose fragments of space, creating dynamic representations. She realises projects commissioned by the Communication and Image Archive for the Ethnography and Social History of the Lombardy Region, about the world of young people, border workers, on the jobs that are disappearing, as in La gente e il paese. Among the monographs she has published is In&Out, colour photographs on the USA, with an unpublished text by Wim Wenders. *She was born in Milan in 1942, where she lives and works.