Brigitte Niedermair

BRIGITTE NIEDERMAIR takes portraits of the female figure in perfect stagings. In the field of staged photography, she has worked in the fashion sector, realising editorials and advertising campaigns. She places the body and the contradictions of Western society at the centre of her series as in The Last Supper (2005), an all-female Last Supper with diaphanous models in the place of the apostles; Madame Hirsch (2009), a sequence of sets and poses arranged by the protagonist in the role of herself. Her approach has become increasingly minimalist and conceptual, from Dust (2007) and Eden (2012), to the recent Transition_Giorgio Morandi and Are you still there (2014), united by a change of perspective and focus, like an invitation to look beyond the horizon, towards the infinite. *She was born in Merano in 1971, she lives and works between Milan and Paris.