Alessandra Tesi

Having moved to Paris in the 1990s, Alessandra Tesi was immediately fascinated by the city’s small hotels and investigated them in their less obvious details. In the photograph in the collection, the artist ’s eye follows a tube profiled with trimmings, insisting on the monochrome field. Tesi’s gaze is lateral, squinting and inquisitorial: it is intended to highlight the overlooked, to highlight the marginal in order to recover the trivialised/banal sense of what is in the foreground. 

Carefully observing reality, Alessandra Tesi imposed herself to the attention of the international art world in the Nineties with photographs of dilapidated interiors, inhospitable rooms, long corridors, dusty hotels, wrecked haunted houses with faint human traces. Later she moved to working with videos and projections. She was born in Bologna in 1969, and lives and works in Paris.