Alessandra Spranzi

ALESSANDRA SPRANZI uses ready-made photography, through a process of rediscovery of existing images. She collects manuals, books, advertising catalogues, scientific texts and magazines from which she cuts out images that she re-photographs, enlarges and prints, with various techniques. An act of appropriation that reveals the invisible potential of minor iconography, capable of surprising us with things we have already seen. Her works include Io? (1992-1993); Tornando a casa (1997), a cycle of images on volutes of fire inside domestic spaces; Obsoleto (2013), photomontages that bring together pages on different topics with Polaroids of small compositions of objects found by the artist on the street. In Dizionario Moderno (2014), a manual found in a flea market, the artist intervenes with words, definitions, and excerpts from other dictionaries. *She was born in 1962 in Milan, where she lives and works.