Vittoria Gerardi

In the series Confine (Border), Vittoria Gerardi presents her perception of the landscape, a physical, visual and mental experience through Death Valley, a place the photographer visited in August 2015 during a coast-to-coast motorbike trip through the United States. The blinding light, and therefore the inability to see, is rendered by the artist by selecting parts of the negative, extracting fragments of the landscape to make them become symbolic lines, almost scars of light and time, poised between inconsistency and matter. The same scars that the landscape of Death Valley leaves in the memory of those who pass through it.

VITTORIA GERARDI is a young conceptual photographer. She works in the wet darkroom on the negative to create a collage of lights and shadows; then, the photos are developed and modified to give back a kind of suspended reality. Her first photo series, Confine (2016) was made in the Death Valley desert in California, during a coast-to-coast motorcycle trip across the United States. Through the intervention in the darkroom the landscape becomes a physical, visual and mental experience. Light becomes a clean cut on the composition, nature materialises as an existential landscape, it becomes the artist’s sign on silver paper. Each photo appears as a fragment of memory, a metaphor for reality and existence. *She was born in 1996 in Venice, she lives and works in London.