Sofia Uslenghi

In Homesick Sofia Uslenghi juxtaposes the image of her face with a cliff that becomes part of her body and transforms her into a woman with powerful shoulders, reminding us of the strength of matriarchs. An intimate and melancholic reflection on the artist’s nostalgia for the South of Italy, her birthplace and homeland.

SOFIA USLENGHI conducts extensive research on photography, particularly on self-portraits. The representation of someone’s own image is the result of a long and complex process that goes through a phase in which the photographers’s gaze is not immediately recognisable, before arriving at a clear and complete self-representation. The search for satisfaction under the impulse of the pleasure principle is marked by a process of disintegration, movement, overlap, deformation, union of opposites, denial and objective reality. In the transgressed order of representation it is not the unconscious of the self that becomes visible, but the dynamics of desire that want to make it understandable. *She was born in 1985 in Reggio Calabria, Italy, lives in Parma.