Paola Agosti

PAOLA AGOSTI is a self-taught photographer who in 1968 photographed the strength of female humanity, photographing women workers in the rice fields, the women of the Italian Resistance and the comrades of the feminist movement in the book Riprendiamoci la vita (1976), devoted to Italian feminism; she also publishes La donna e la macchina (1983) about the first female workers in the factories of Northern Italy. With her camera she has documented marginal phenomena destined to disappear, like farming society and immigration to and from Italy: Immagine del “mondo dei vinti” (1979); Dal Piemonte al Rio de la Plata (1988) about the emigration from Piedmont to Argentina; El Paraíso: entrada provisoria (2011). With Giovanna Borgese she photographed 106 of the most important European writers, poets and intellectuals of the 20th century for the book Il volto delle parole (2007). Since 2000 she has been conducting archive research on private family albums, creating books and exhibitions out of the personal stories in dialogue with history. *She was born in Turin in 1947, where she lives and works.