Moira Ricci

MOIRA RICCI is an artist who depicts personal and collective memories. In her projects she puts on stage her body, her relationship with people and the stories of the place she comes from. In the work 20.12.53-10.08-04 (2009), she brings together intimate personal history with a gaze on the past through the re-working of photographs from her mother’s youth, in which the artist inserts her own self-portrait, with her gaze always directed at her mother. In recent projects she has focused on her place of origin in the Maremma: Dove il cielo è più vicino (2014), a cycle of photographs and two video-projections in which history and fable intersect in the realism of the framing and the inspiration of the artist; Da buio a buio (2009-15) is a project about the myths and folklore of the Maremma, a hybrid installation made up of newspaper cut-outs, video recordings, soundtracks and photographs from family archives. *She was born in Orbetello in 1977, she lives and works in Milan and the Maremma.