Bruna Esposito

A woman, Bruna Esposito, and a teenager, her friend Kristin Lovejoy, are connected by a string of pearls that they both hold between their lips. In this autobiographical image Esposito captures an intimate moment of her existence. The photograph was taken in an automat in New York in 1999.

Ironic and fascinating, the fish eye attracts and repels the viewer at the same time. A dark orbit, luminous, pearly colours, brilliant, render a marvellous and natural beauty: fish eyes are attractive and ambiguous devices. The detail of the eye becomes a discourse on the deconstruction of the limit of vision, highlighting the mysterious and impenetrable power of the gaze. Bruna Esposito’s use of photography concentrates on capturing elements already present in nature, which are not reworked: this is not documentary photography but an act of suspension of vision and reflection.

BRUNA ESPOSITO creates videos, sculptures and installations, and prefers formal rigour to spectacular effects. Her works enact what is transitory, where everyday materials take on new meanings, bringing to life metaphoric places, in which diverse materials, organic and perishable, dialogue with one another, in works that open up a vision of reality in equilibrium between power and lightness. In 1999 she won ex-aequo the “Leone d’Oro” at the Venice Biennale. *She was born in 1960 in Rome, where she lives and works.