Agnese Purgatorio

AGNESE PURGATORIO has worked for years around the condition of exile and clandestinity, confronting herself with the idea of real and metaphorical borders, in a vision of history represented as the geography of a body in motion. She has realised digital photomontages with insertions that amplify the meaning of the original image, completing her most important cycles with video installations. In Fronte dell’Est (2007-2014) she replaces the face of some migrants with the faces of artists known for having assumed positions of alterity towards the languages of their time such as Patti Smith, Joseph Beuys, Pier Paolo Pasolini. Among her recent works are: Dalla Clandestinità (2014); Perhaps You Can Write to Me (2010-2014); J’ai utilisé la mémoire (2012), a homage to Armenian women survivors of the genocide; Learning by Heart (2015), a historical reconstruction of the Armenian refugees in Apulia. *She was born in Bari in 1964, she lives between Belgrade and Beirut.