La Terza Venezia

Silvia Camporesi


Silvia Camporesi created her new work by operating on both the real and the unreal. After staying in Venice in February, she then finished the photographic shoot at “Venezia in miniatura” in Rimini. He then combined the two truths (the real and the unreal) with great effectiveness by producing a photographic project on the city and the lagoon around it. The series of photographs explores places through the filter of imagination, dreams and legends handed down. An unusual vision of the city takes shape, where everything is shrouded in mystery and beauty through images of particular attraction and intensity. Thus, is born a fantastic Venice, the Third Venice, half real and half made of fictions.

Author: Silvia Camporesi
Title: La Terza Venezia
Publisher: Trolley (I edition)
Dimensions: 24,5 x 22,5 cm
Pages: 80
Designer: Bruno Corà
Year: 2011