La domenica degli italiani

Lori Sammartino


Lori Sammartino takes us on a fascinating journey through Italian society in the 1960s and offers a comprehensive view of what Sunday represented for Italians. The author uses an evocative style that transforms words into vivid and engaging images. “La domenica degli italiani is the family lunch, the village band, the lovers’ embrace, the balera, girls as beautiful as divas, first communions, men watching women, old men sitting at the bar, football, the sea, and children’s games, Milan, Rome and the Italian province” (From the introduction by Ennio Flaiano).

Author: Lori Sammartino
Title: La domenica degli italiani 
Publisher: Minerva Milano
Dimensions: 21,5 x 28,5 cm
Pages: 73
Year: 1961