Guerra di popolo in Angola 

Augusta Conchiglia


In April 1968, Italian journalist Augusta Conchiglia clandestinely entered in Angola to report together with the director Stefano De Stefani on the ongoing liberation struggle. Guided by the guerrillas of the Popular movement for the liberation of Angola (MPLA), they covered hundreds of kilometers in the liberated zones. Some of the thousands of pictures were published in Guerra di popolo in Angola (1969) a small format album with Italian and swiss-French edition. The images denote the effort to reveal all aspects of the ongoing struggle (From Maria do Carmo Picarra’s text).

Author: Augusta Conchiglia
Title: Guerra di popolo in Angola
Publisher: Lerici Editore
Dimensions: 15,5 x 17,5 cm
Pages: 100
Designer: Helder Neto
Year: 1969