Giochi di verità. Rappresentazione, ritratto, documento

Spotlight on photography and Italian women photographers at Castello Campori with the exhibition Giochi di verità. Rappresentazione, ritratto, documento (Games of Truth. Representation, Portrait, Document) curated by Marcella Manni with works from Collezione Donata Pizzi. The exhibition, conceived and created for the Castello’s premises, includes more than 80 photographs featuring the works by Paola Agosti, Tomaso Binga, Lisetta Carmi, Silvia Camporesi, Libera Mazzoleni, Marinella Senatore, Silvia Rosi, Elisabetta Catalano, Liliana Barchiesi, Betty Bee, Luisa Lambri, and Ottonella Mocellin, among others. Along a time span of more than fifty years (from 1965 to the present), the exhibition traces significant moments in Italian photography by highlighting the conceptual, aesthetic and technological evolutions that have developed in recent decades. The centrality of the body, the relationship between private and collective memory, the dynamics and rituals of family life, are constituent and identity elements that can be read beyond the individual voices of the artists and the historical moments in which they lived or live and work now. 

Opening Saturday 8th October at 18.00