Bucharest Photofest – Empowering the Female Gaze

The online conversation between Donata Pizzi, Steve Bisson and Alessandra Capodacqua will address two themes: how Collezione Donata Pizzi was created and the idea behind the publication Quaderni, published by Penisola Edizioni.

The collection was created with the intention of bringing Italian photography on the international stage, emphasizing artworks produced by women, whose large and diverse output has always been known for a wide variety of layers and approaches, connected to such persistent and subterranean things as issues related to feminism, politics, and society.

Within the context of the collection, whose photographs span several generations of Italian women artists, strong components of activism persist, such as feminism, politics, gender issues and more.

The Quaderni project stems from the need to outline new paths for perusing the more than 300 works in the Collection’s archives, with specific attention to new acquisitions that have never been published before.

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03 October 2022 
h. 20.00