Presentation of Quaderni della Collezione Donata Pizzi

The Quaderni project is the new publication of Collezione Donata Pizzi, the most important and extensive collection of female artists and photographers in Italy. The publication stems from the need to create new paths of interpretation of Collezione Donata Pizzi through the more than 300 works that compose it, favouring new acquisitions that have never been published before.
The first issue of the series Quaderni della Collezione Donata Pizzi is in collaboration with FOTODOK of Utrecht (NL) and investigates the practice of re-enactment. Two introductory texts present the history of re-enactment in photography in the Netherlands and Italy, respectively. This is followed by an in-depth study of the projects of Dutch and Italian women artists, through the curators’ interviews and accompanied by a rich apparatus of images of the works, backstage and final installations.

Coordination: Alessandra Capodacqua

MAD Murate Art District
Thursday, June 8, 2023, at 17.30.
For information
055 247 6873