Sara Rossi

SARA ROSSI realises works in which she combines the use of technology with the recovery of archive material – postcards, photographs, home videos – in stories suspended in an atemporal atmosphere. At the centre of her poetics is the natural landscape, with its transformations and historical stratifications, the reworking of space halfway between imagination and reality and a style rich in iconographic references to art history. Among her main works are Carosello (2005), a 60 metres-long line of vintage postcards; Lanterna magica (Butterfly Heaven) (2011), a video installation where the colours and movement of butterflies expand in the space, transmitting the impulse of nature into becoming; Otto (2008), documentaries, original films, family memories, a metaphor for an infinite time machine. She was awarded the “DARC-MAXXI” at the 50th Venice Biennale (2002-2003). *She was born in 1970 in Milan, where she lives and works.