Marialba Russo

MARIALBA RUSSO begins to photograph in the 60s, pointing her camera on themes of social investigation of Southern Italy. She photographed at length the living conditions, the religious rites and folk festivals, creating images that restore the spirit and ancient dignity of the South in works such as Immagini della Madonna dell’Arco (1973) and Gli eretici dell’Assunta (1974). Over the years she developed a conceptual approach which led her to realise the series Il parto, presented at “Venezia ‘79. La fotografia”. She conceives the photo book series “I Quaderni dello sguardo”, and publishes the photo series Al ristorante il 29 settembre 1974 and Giornale Spray; her experimentations with the photographic language result in Della serie delle centotrenta figure di spalle (1981); 1929 Ritratto di mio padre e mia madre (1982). From the 90s she explores the landscape in a visionary manner in the cycles l’Incanto, Fasti Moderni-il disordine del tempo (1993); Epifanie (1997); Ritratto di me (1999). *She was born in Giugliano in 1947, she lives and works in Rome.