Elisa Magri

ELISA MAGRI is an artist and documentarian. Her creative process is centred around photo-painting and the assembly of photographic images, taking from their original contexts advertising images and photographs of war, natural disasters, crimes and accidents, that she uses as ready-made images in compositions that involve the use of a photosensitive canvas and photographic production techniques. She moved to Rome where has managed the “Galleria Ciak” since 1958, hosting historical exhibitions of the Futurists, Surrealists and solo shows by young emerging artists from the European scene. In 1973 she worked on the production, filming and distribution of video biographies of artists and movements. In 1986 she authored, together with her husband, a cycle entitled Artisti allo specchio. Her documentaries include Fotomontaggi d’autore (1989). *She was born in 1933 in Milan, and passed away in Rome in 2018.