Gruppo del mercoledì

GRUPPO DEL MERCOLEDÌ (THE WEDNESDAY GROUP) was formed in 1974 by Diane Bond, Bundi Alberti, Mercedes Cuman, Paola Mattioli, Adriana Monti, Esperanza Núñez and Silvia Truppi, who chose photography as the medium with which to explore the connections between the body and female identity, making this a tool for expressing deep criticism of the models of representation of the time. The artists met on Wednesday evenings to discuss their work: thus, one would participate in the work of another, giving life to a personal and professional exchange. The experience is recounted in the photo book Ci vediamo mercoledì. Gli altri giorni ci immaginiamo, published by Mazzotta in 1978. The book contains a selection of the artists’ works – individual and as a group – that deals with the theme of the body, subjectivity, masks, the double, sisterhood, the gender inequality and the desire not to conform to the aesthetic stereotypes of the dominant culture. *The Gruppo del Mercoledì dissolved in 1978.