Carla Cerati

CARLA CERATI began working as a theatre stage photographer in the late 50s. From the 60s on she worked as a photojournalist and published Morire di Classe (1968), about the condition of Italian psychiatric hospitals, along with the photographer Gianni Berengo Gardin, and with the help of Franco Basaglia; she photographed the flooding in Florence in 1966, the changes in society and in the landscape from north to south in Maghi e streghe d’Abruzzo, Sicilia uno e due, Nove Paesaggi Italiani. With a critical and ironic eye, she photographed bourgeois society in Milan during the economic boom in Mondo Cocktail (1974). She was on the front line during the “years of lead” documenting clashes, feminist protests, massacres and trials. She conducted complex researches on colour, devoting herself to architectural photography and the female nude as in Forma di donna (1978). Towards the end of the 80s she gave up photojournalism to focus on writing. *She was born in Bergamo in 1926. She passed away in Milan on the 19 February 2016.