Bruna Ginammi

BRUNA GINAMMI has an eclectic style capable of overturning expressive codes through the use of different visual languages. In her first staged photography works, she showed herself in the representation of classical and literary myths as in La ricerca del Santo Graal (1996), in the video Ophelia’s awakening (1999), in La nascita di Venere (2000), and in Rinascita (2014). She reflects on the theme of identity, change and relationships with images that have the body and the interpersonal ties as their subject in the cycle Famiglie (2000) and in Atlante Umano (2016), portraits of people with body piercings and tattoos that the artist uses as signs to build an atlas of personal relationships. She creates cycles of photographs featuring a visionary relation with space, such as Cielo e mare (2002) and Quando i muri diventano strade (2016). In 1995 she received the “European Kodak Panorama Award” and took part in the Venice Biennale. *She was born in 1964 in Bergamo, she lives and works in Milan.