Becoming Simone

Alessia Bernardini


Becoming Simone is the story of a man who spent half his life in a woman’s body. At the age of 51, he decided to embark on the journey of gender transition, changing his name from Angelina to Simone. The author of the book, who knew him as Angelina, decided to document his journey through gender reassignment surgery. Using recordings of their conversations, archival photographs, and new shots, the author created a project that tells Simone’s story and his struggle to become himself. The book is an inquiry into courage, dreams and life expectations, and the challenge of approaching the vision of what we want to be and what we are prepared to do to fulfill our desires.


Author: Alessia Bernardini
Title: Becoming Simone
Publisher: Self published
Dimensions: 19,5 x 20 cm
Pages: 37
Year: 2014